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In our segment of Orthopedic Joint Implants, we cater with various types of Joint Implants ranging from Total Knee Replacement Implants to Total Hip Replacement Implants.

In an endeavor to explore new avenues in the growing medical field, we have introduced PK Cares for providing you with Orthosis Products by Velpeau.

With offices in Delhi, Kolkata & Ahmedabad, we have got opportunity to serve reputed institutes like
Sir Gangaram Hospital- Delhi, Cygnus Orthocare- Delhi, Paras Hospitals- Gurgaon, Saviour Hospital- Ahmedabad, Rabindranath Tagore Institute- Kolkata and many more.

We have Technically skilled staff and 24*7 availability of products so we can provide you with best of services across India.


Knee Joint Implants

Total Knee Replacement System consists:

  1. Freedom Knee from Maxx Orthopedic Inc (US Knee)
  2. Destiknee Knee from Meril Healthcare Pvt Ltd (US FDA approved)

USP of Knee Implants we supply:

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Freedom Knee
Destiknee Knee

Hips Joint

Total Hip Replacement and Modular Bipolar Systems consist :

  • Lattitude Hip by Meril Healthcare Pvt Ltd

USP of Hip Implants we supply:

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Hip Implant

Authorised Suppliers For

Maxx Medical

Maxx Orthopedic Inc, an US based multinational company dealing in US FDA approved joints for Knee

Meril Lifecare

Meril Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., an Indigenous Joint Implants manufacturing company dealing in Knee replacement systems and Hip replacement systems.


Lohmann & Rauscher (L↦R) is a leading international supplier of forward-looking medical devices and hygiene products of the highest quality.